This is old, this is handmade and this will last

Most leaded glass windows will last 100 or so before any wear or tear is seen.  Wear and tear usually is caused by fatigue of the metal between the individual pieces of glass (this is called the “came” and may be zinc, brass or lead.). Lead expands and contracts so is ideal for this type of work.  Over time, however, the expansion and contraction loosens some of the metal components.  When this happens, in order to retain the structure and beauty of the window,
it needs to be re-leaded. 
Re-leading involves taking the window entirely apart.

If you have a clear transom window as many older homes do, you’ll notice a slight wave in the glass. When we rebuild a window, we find similar antique or restoration glass that has the same wave.

When it comes to colored glass windows, every effort is made to match the color as well as possible. But if we just can’t find the right match, we think it’s best to leave the original in place and lead it in. This will result in lead lines, but it also means your window has the original glass and can be quite beautiful.

Do you have one or more of these windows? Let us help preserve them.